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What you think of CNN's Connie Chung?

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Boy does that show suck. Is it me, or is she unwatchable? Either she is still trying to settle in or is just isn't working.
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She flops everywhere she goes..... Yes, the show sux but hey the whole CNN is unwatchable.... FoxNews is the best......
I think she is doing a wonderful job.
If you don't like her, why are you watching her show?
Is it because she is a hot babe?
And by the way; that's not only a compliment to her but to me too!
Oh; and what do you think of my show?
Do you like the 'paternity shows' or 'is she a man or a woman show' better?
Thanks for your input.
I dont like her. She is just too dull. Donahue has some action to him at least.
The best thing about her show is that it precedes Larry King so you have Chung followed by King.

Chung - King.

Those guys @ CNN are masterminds I tell ya!
i watched connie for a few minutes the other night and the poor girl can't even read the teleprompter in front of her...
I watched Connie Chung's new show once, and got bored very quickly. I may watch it occasionally, if there's an interesting topic, but I won't watch this show regularly.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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