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There's no way to get around dish pointing unless you spring some major $$$ for an automatic dish like those used by boats/RVs. That said, let me provide my take on your questions ...

A) I suggest you stick with an authorized dealer like Solid Signal. Avoid buying DirecTV equipment via eBay, Craigslist, etc, because lots of that stuff is stolen or improperly deactivated and DirecTV won't let you use it. The H25 is the newest and smallest HD Receiver, but requires a SWM dish, which isn't any more difficult to setup than a regular HD Slimline dish.

B ) You can also buy a dish and tripod or sled mount from Solid Signal. If you don't want to carry cinder blocks, then you'll need a tripod. Just realize that the Slimline dish is pretty heavy and can be easily jarred out of alignment when using a tripod around lots of people.

C) Don't bother. The cheap signal meters are junk. Just use the H25's built-in meters.

D) No. There's no reason to avoid SWM. But if you don't want to mess with the SWM's power supply (Power Inserter), then you can get a non-SWM Slimline dish and use an older H2x HD Receiver.

E) You'll just need to activate the new Receiver on your account and pay the monthly fee. They don't care if you're using at home or for tailgating.
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