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I have been tailgating at NFL and College football games for years with a generator (Honda) and an HDTV with a regular HD antenna. I'd like to upgrade to DirecTV so I can get Sunday Ticket while tailgating. What's the easiest and best way to setup DirecTV for a tailgate in 2014?

Here are some key factors for me:
1) I need an additional HD receiver (I can't use the one from my home). Should not be a DVR.
2) Must be HD
3) Looking for the easiest possible way to point and setup the dish -- the goal here is to avoid having to spend time pointing it while at the games. Happy to spring for an signal reader (or whatever) to avoid having to peek at the TV and go back and forth, etc. Really looking to make this easy.
4) Although I'm pretty good technically, I'm getting too old (and impatient :>) to put this stuff together by myself. I'm looking for something I can order online in as close to setup condition as possible. (i.e. no cinder blocks and hacking of the dish please).
5) I don't mind spending extra money to get these factors setup right. (Although cost isn't irrelevant.)

Key questions:
A- Where do I buy the receiver? which one?
B- Where do I buy the dish and pointing setup?
C- Is there a signal meter I should get?
D- Should I avoid SWiM?
E- What do I tell DirecTV about setting up the extra receiver? (Anything special or is this easy?)

Thanks for your time.
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