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I haven't watched much on Ch. 95 before but tonight a friend told me that the Penguins game was on. I told him he was wrong as my guide said that "Neil Young: Heart of Gold" was upcoming. But when I tuned to 95, it was the Penguins.

Then I decided to record Heart of Gold which the guide said was coming on at 9 central. When I went to record it, it let me record it. But when it started the logo on the screen said it was a PPV. After several minutes my HR 20 froze on a single shot with a message that kept flashing saying "Searching for Authorized Content."

After I rebooted my HR20, I went back to 95 and the audio track from Heart of Gold was coming through but the channel now gave me the option to purchase it as a PPV for $4.95. But when I switched to another channel and then switched back a couple minutes later, the option to purchase had changed from Heart of Gold to the Penguins game . . . even though I had watched the Penguins game for free earlier on the same channel.

I called DTV and complained about the wholly inaccurate guide for this station and didn't receive a good answer.

Does anyone know what's up with this channel???
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