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I am doing some research and budgeting to prepare the case with my accountant/wife to upgrade to WHDVR.

I've read through the DIRECTV site and this site to determine what is required and I'm unclear as to what my one-time upgrade and on-going incremental costs will be (published before negotiating with DTV CSR and Retention).

Current Setup
Slimeline 5LNB Non-SWM
HR20-700 - LR
Sony SAT-A3 - MBR
RCA Std Def - Kitchen

Target Setup
HR20-700 - MBR w/DECA
H25 - Kid BR 1
H25 - Kid BR 2
H25 - Office
HR24 - LR

One-time Costs
3 x H25 (Leased) - $300
1 x HR24 (Leased) - $200
Installation - $50
Wireless CCK - ??
2 x DECA - ??

Question - Are the costs of the DECAs and Wireless CCK included in the install fee?

Question - Is the cost of converting to SWM included in the install fee?

On-going Monthly Costs
HD Service $10.00
DVR Service $7.00
Choice Extra Classic Package $64.49
HBO $15.99
Whole Home DVR $3.00
Advanced Receiver Service fee $20.00
NEW HD Reciever (Leased) $6.00
HD-DVR Receiver (Leased) $6.00
NEW HD Reciever (Leased) $6.00
NEW HD Reciever (Leased) $6.00

Question - What does the Advanced Receiver Service Fee actually cover?

Thanks, as always, for your help,

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