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Wheel of Fortune - 8/4/08

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Was watching Wheel Of Fortune yesterday afternoon... I believe it was a rerun... and something happened that I don't believe I've ever seen...

Towards the end of the show... When they came back from commercial for the Bonus Round... It was a completely different show... The timing was lined up correctly... But it was a different set/different winner... Kinda funny... I wonder how that could even happen?? :confused:
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That's funny. I wonder if that is a hazzard of digital production or storage. It would be rather hard to make an error like that with film or tape reels, if it was in fact done in error.
A few months ago the last several minutes of Wheel, after a break, was the last few minutes of Jeopardy. The Jeopardy show, which aired after Wheel, came on as usual, but we saw the winner before the show was broadcast. as Tom suggested it was probably due to digital storage getting queued wrong.
I'll be Tom for a day. ;)
Pat, I'll use my free spin and take "Digital Goofs" for $1000... :grin:
Local CW affiliate made a similiar if not more major goof a couple months ago.

I might have the shows swapped, but it happened something like this:

Smallville starts airing, after a local break about 20 minutes in Supernatural picks up and starts airing from the 20 minute mark.
Another 20-30 minutes elapse, local break, then Smallville picks up and ends relatively on time.

This happened on the SD channel, the only one they can air off server like that.

I watch the HD channel which had the proper programs in their entirety at the proper time,
they strip the closed captions from the SD program chain and insert into the HD program chain, so about 20 minutes into Smallville, I start seeing CC's for Supernatural.
(I watch very late at night, volume down to not wake the rest of the house, CC's on for dialogue confirmation)

Digital age, file names/numbers very close to each other, fat fingered Master Control Operators.

I think someone at my station aired the last half hour of a soap opera first, first half hour second.
Hard to tell you made a mistake till you see credits start rolling in the middle of the hour.

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When the 'Braves' are telecast on PTV, Comcast's CSS channel carries the feed. Until recently, a series of two or three pre-timed local-insert spots would start up right in the middle of an inning, something like...
"... the score is Reds 5, Braves 1. Here's the windup, and the pitch ... it's a long fly ball to... " [CUT AWAY] [B-ROLL VEHIX SPOT] [B-ROLL VIAGRA SPOT] [B-ROLL CIALIS SPOT] [B-ROLL LEVITRA SPOT] [B-ROLL BUBBA'S BBQ SPOT] " ... Well, that was quite a display of Cincinnati firepower here in the top of the 8th, folks. At the end of the inning, it's Reds 11, Braves still with only 1. Oh well ... we'll be right back after these messages ... I promise ..."
I've seen this happen several times. Was watching what was suppose to be Black Sheep Squadron the other night. Opening credits ran and the show went off to a commercial, when it came back I was watching 'Leave it Beaver'
That hasn't happened to me before but I've heard of it happening to my friends before. Thank god actually because if it was a show that I really wanted to see that I had recorded and I'd simply lost it, needless to say I wouldn't be very happy.
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