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Well, the ole 6000 was giving indications that it was not happy, so I went to Dish to get a replacement. Of course, the 6000 is a legacy and not offered any longer, but the nice Customer Services person offered an 811 as a replacement. She says the 811 and 6000 are exactly the same and no changes will be needed to anything else in the system. Just plug and play. Sounds fine. The 811 shows up, and I do straight plug ins from the 6000 into the 811. No joy, while I get great signal on all three sats, none will lock. Call Dish, and they say, Hummmmm....will send you another. New one shows today, same problem.

So I start to play with it and take the feed off the 508 (which works fine) and put it into the 811. We have joy, software download, and call Dish for activation message. Activate it and then take off the 508 feed and put in the ole 6000 feed. Nope. No lock on the sats.

Call Dish. The nice CS person won't let me go to the next level to problem solve and wants to send out a repair person. Okay, but not until after Thanksgiving is next available slot. Scheduled it.

Now, after I think about it, this doesn't make sense. If the 811 is basically a 6000 and the 6000 got a good feed, why no joy? I looked at the feed lines and see for the first time a small box that says, "DishPro Adapter, Enables non-DishPro receivers to function with DishPro switches and LNBF's." Humm, says I. Off goes the adapter and made a direct feed to the 811. Check Switch, three sats. Everything works fine.

Call Dish to cancel service call and ask CS person if 6000 is non-Dish equipt. Yep, says CS. Oh says I, then you all might want to add to the instructions when replacing the 6000 for an 811 to take off the adapter. The CS person didn't seem to be interested in my observations.

For what its worth.
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