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It is hard to find what is not there ...

Cable companies are not required to switch their privately-owned systems from analog service to digital service. In fact, if your cable company offers any analog service, it is required to provide you with your local broadcast stations in analog so that you can watch them on an analog TV without a cable set-top box.​

There is no requirement that cable systems switch to digital, although cable system are already required to treat digital TV stations the same as they treated analog TV stations when it comes to the must carry/consent to carry rules.

There is also an agreement with DBS providers that requires "carry one carry all" for local HD signals withing each market. For example, if a DBS provider carries one local HD signal they must carry all HD signals in that market (with permission of the stations, of course). If no local signals are carried in HD in a particular market no station is required to be offered HD carriage. Currently this rule applies to 60% of markets carried in HD by each carrier. Next February DBS providers must "carry one carry all" in all of their HD markets.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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