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When to cancel service?

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Hey guys,

Just a simple question concerning when to cancel.

I have one more month to pay for MLB EI (August) and then I will probably cancel my service.

I can see my actual payment due amount on my online account on the 6th of each month, and the payment actually comes out automatically on the 20th of each month.

After August 20th when the final MLB EI payment is made, when should I cancel to avoid any other fees or charges?

I realize that the Major League season runs until the end of September, so I will probably need to make another payment on the 20th of September and then just cancel when MLB EI stops.

So, let me get this straight, if I make a full payment on the 20th of September, and cancel service around the first part of October, will I owe anything else or will I get a partial refund?

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You'll probably end up paying something, no matter when you cancel.

I canceled my service on the day the payment was due. After all the back and forth my final bill came to $20 and some change. Can't figure that out since you always pre pay a month in advance. :confused:
The time to cancel is when you're done. There will likely be both credits and fees involved but you can pretty much rest assured that you'll be owing them some money.

If you are currently in a programming commitment, you need to consider your next moves very carefully.
Thanks guys for all the quick replies.

I see the consensus here is that I will probably owe something even though we pay a month in advance. Still trying to figure that one out.

Anyhow, since I am set up with automatic bill pay, after I call to cancel, will they just automatically bill me the remainder of what I owe on my next bill?

Will the automatic bill pay service just stop on it's own after I cancel or do I need to cancel that as well?

@wmschultz, Thanks for the number. but I think I already have it.

Thanks again.
why are you worrying about? They pro-rate the charges, so they won't hit you for an entire month of service you don't want. If you call today they can shut it off tomorrow. Billing stops that day. You can cancel your autopay before calling them. They will send you a bill if that is what you prefer.
mitchflorida said:
You can cancel your autopay before calling them. They will send you a bill if that is what you prefer.
That is incorrect, they will charge your final bill to the credit card on file even if you dont have autopay. That is in the Terms of Service
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