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I mean I already have 2 dishes on my roof aimed at teh 110, 119, and 61.5 birds, so it's crazy to expect me to get another bigger uglier dish and also get more recievers and cascade it and stuff just to get some minor Philly locals. Isn't Echostar really violating the law by charging me for locals that they haven't put on even put on 61.5, but have put on 129?

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No. The dish isn't really any uglier. It replaces a DISH500. They aren't violating the law - you don't need to pay for any aditional equipment you need, Echostar will replace your equipment for free.

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Now, Dish requires you enter your address or any address in the 18-county market, to see which locals are included.

When I do this,
addressbroker pulls

Dish 500 hardware is required to receive these services.

"Click here to see a list of the channels in the package." <-LINK

When you click the link, for these channels,
Philadelphia IND-WGTW* 48 8166
Philadelphia IND-WWAC* 53 8165
Philadelphia IND-WFMZ* 69 8164
Philadelphia IND-WYBE* 35 8162
Philadelphia PBS-WNJS* 23 8161
Philadelphia TMNDO-WWSI* 62 8159
Philadelphia UNVSN-WUVP* 65 8158

On bottom it says
* You will need a second satellite dish to view these additional channels. DISH Network will provide the second dish and installation free of charge. For more information, or to schedule an installation, please call 1-800-333-DISH (3474).

Think Dish needs to correct this. Before it used to read, a special dish and receiver required. The * message is not applicable to Philadelphia.

Since Univision owns WUVP now, I wouldnt be surprised if they buy WWAC and have a Univision-Telefutura duopoly in the South Jersey/Philadelphia market. Telefutura doesnt have a full power outlet in the market and since duopolies are the future of broadcasting, I wouldnt be surprised.

There are still some channels that are eligible not carried yet:
WMGM 40 (NBC)/Atlantic City
WTVE 51/Reading
WBPH 60/Bethlehem
WPPX 61 (PAX) - Dish has agreement which overrides mustcarry.
WLVT 39 (carried on DirecTV) - 4th NCE, not eligible but Dish can carry it if they choose to.
WFPA-CA 28 (Telefutura) Low Power. Not Eligible. Dish can still carry it if they choose to reach agreement with WUVP or Univision.

WTVE 51 is carried on most Philadelphia cable systems, but they got mustcarry back when they were Telemundo affiliated. Now they dont bother it seems as ShopNBC. WBPH 60, a religious broadcaster, will be increasing power soon. They want DBS carriage, but they dont have the pockets to run fiber to Philadelphia. WMGM 40 still claims its a cost issue they cant get to Philly. I wonder how in the world WWAC 53 an independent Atlantic City station can do it or WTVE 51 a Reading station could do it before with getting on distant cable systems, but WMGM cant afford fiber over even though they have been broadcasting for over 20 years, make much more ad revenue than WWAC, and according to Inquirer are doing successful. I suspect the the real issue is if WMGM 40 runs fiber to Philly, NBC Network which owns Channel 10 will say, "sorry you lose your NBC affiliation by trying to take our Philadelphia our viewers. Go independent like all the other small UHF stations and mustcarry your way for survival". Ch. 40 would rather be an NBC affiliate for a small area(3 county area), than be an indepndent for a large area(upto 18 county DMA area), I suspect.

CN8 and CCSN, no way. I think Dish and DirecTV should pull QVC when contract expires and stick it to Comcast. 40% of Comcast's revenue is from QVC. Rather than file lawsuit and lawsuit. Anyways, I'll just continue watching Sixers on CCSN right now.
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