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Where Are They Now - The Schoolhouse Rock Singers

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From YesButNoButYes:

Where Are They Now - The Schoolhouse Rock Singers
So, who do I have to thank for this wealth of information. Who are the people attached to these voices inside my head, and are they still around today? Turns out, they are. And they're all still singing away. There are four main singers (jazz musicians, actually)responsible for almost all of the Schoolhouse Rock videos, with a few guest appearances here and there (Verb! That's what's happening!) So, let's take a look at some heroes from my youth...the Schoolhouse Rock Singers.
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would make a great avatar for someone, don't you think? ;)


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I just bought the DVD for my kids! My 4th grader still struggles with her multiplication. It can only help and many of the songs came right back to me!
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