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Previous posts where I queried about problems of E* signal loss have been helpful. But I am assuming that most people are not reading the content and jumping to conclusions.

I have previously made it clear I was not in Canada but in Florida. But perhaps this was in a reply that did not go to everyone, sorry if this is the case.

The local installer IS THE PERSON who told me that the dish set up in Canada is also out as well as 4 surrounding units and it is NOT just my set up.

So far every one has suggested I clear leaves out of the way, check the LNBF, Check coax connections, check dish alignment..

So ALL were checked, coax replaced, LNBF replaced, DISH alignment re-checked and ALL are fine, Receiver checks out 100% as well.

The installer only comes down this way every few months so I was trying to trouble shoot using this forum.

So far the only suggestions that appear to be making sense is that the footprint of the E* has changed.

OR it could be that the location of E*has shifted. (but no info on this has been received from anyone) It is highly unlikely that 5 other people 4 who are 35 miles north of me and 1 about 1,000 mile north would have EXACTLY the same problem that began EXACTLY at the same time.
I appreciate any real info.

All those who have posted were certainly helpful, but for 99% of the the answers/post were for the obvious which was the first step I took ASAP.

There ARE no obstructions, I have a Starband Internet dish set right next to the DishNetwork AND it is doing just super. They have been working side by side for long time and the problem started just a fee weeks ago.

I am not deaf, as suggested by some, :) but trying to sort the wheat from the chaff. Any help offered has been/will be appreciated. Perhaps the answer is "none of the above" it is an E* problem and I am no longer in the receiving "foot print" area. This is what I suspect. TS1 is very strong still. TS 17, 19, 20 have come in weakly 38-45 late in the afternoons, but then disappear completely again the rest of the day. So this is not a temporary or transient problem.

So IF anyone has tech specs or info one where I can see the signal footprint of the E* it may be helpful. Seems I may have "fallen off" the southern limits.

Or IF 110° is still active I can try aiming there? Any ideas or opinions out there on this? I am 110' above the surrounding terrain on top of a hill and the ONLY thing between the dishes and satellites are clouds.

Those in my surrounding community who are using C-band TV have no problems. I thought about swapping service completely but those are much larger dishes.

Thanks to all who have posted suggestions. Even the obvious ones were helpful.
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