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I have tweaked a lot of DTV dishes for friends and family because after they upgraded to a HD receiver they had problems with signal. The method I used involved a very long rg6 cable my laptop and a receiver. I have had very good results using this method but I know I would be better off buying myself a good signal meter and doing this the correct way.
I did a lot of googleing and found the acutrac22 pro to be highly recommended. I would like some suggestions on were I should buy one and if this is indeed a good choice.:confused:

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thekobk said:
Thanks guys, I think i will buy from them. Does any one know how much installers make?
Pick a number. It varies from shop to shop............some do ok like $1000.00 to 1500.00 per six day week...........others do less. For some getting paid at all is a trick. There is a high turn over. and word on the street is don't do it.

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