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Where is the master channel list?

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I have been trying to understand the Program Guide. What I want, is a translation of acronyms that are used in the guide.
For example, the program guide listed a channel called:


Well, I had no idea what that meant. So I went to DNs web site and I found this master list of all channels:


This list did not give channel numbers, and it did not list the acronyms next to the full name. I was hoping for something like this:

Channel 302 - National Toastmasters Guild Channel (NTGHD) -High Def,

Well, that was a bust. But looking around on the DN site, I found another guide. It is called the HD Channel Directory. That sounded promising. It looks like this:


But no luck again. They list full channel names (but no clue what the acronym might be).

So working back wards, I went back to the TV, and found the channel number for the mysterious NTGHD. I emptied my desk, and took my stacks of paper and spread them all out. Then, with the channel number, I started looking. I was unable to find a guide that listed the channel numbers in order. So I did a hunt and peck with what data I now had, and finally matched the channel number to a name (If you are interested, it is "National Geographic Channel HD").

And God forbid I should ever try to set up a Favorites list. When I was about to build my first one, I was presented with a list that looked something like this:

9901 D1000
9900 D500
9981 FTGF
9938 HDLY
9833 GFMY

Like I am suppose to know what the above means??!! The box that my 622 came in was missing the secret decoder ring. Any one have a extra?

I know somewhere, someplace, someone has a list of what the DN acronyms mean. And I know that list will be in channel number order. Like this:

0001 The Bite Me Channel (TBMC)
0002 Cats and Dogs in HD (CDHD)
0003 Corn in Iowa Channel (CIIC)
and so on......

Really, am I asking too much here? Do I need to learn a new language to watch TV, or could DN post a list someplace for me?

I have pulled what little hair I have left on my head out today. Don't make me pluck my eye brows. Someone save me and post a link to the *%#[email protected]!! list please.


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