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Where to place receiver?

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Well, guys, I'm coming out of the dark ages. I just took my 1980ish 25" TV to the dump. I've bought a 40" 1080 JVC LCD television. I'm looking forward to DirecTV's HD & DVR.

I just ordered a wall mount for the TV. The wall I'm going to use has no table or furniture. I guess something will have to be added to support the receiver.

Has anybody mounted the receiver in a seperate location just to keep the installation "clean" looking? If I have to add a table (or whatever) to support the receiver, I guess I should have saved the money for the wall mount and just used the stand the tv came with.

For you guys with wall mounts, where did you positon the receiver?
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A lot will depend on how you want to run the wires, and here your power situation is like.

There are some great glass shelving options from Home Depot, Ikea, and other places...

You can get very creatieve.

I have a "single" tower in the corner of the room... but I also built a "channel" for the wires to the display in the wall...
There might be some length restrictions on the cables you want to use from the IRD to the TV. Getting a HDMI cable might be a good idea since it is all in one and not too big. Should make the process easier.
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