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Forgot to mention this is on my HR34 running 0x547. I get this with my HBOs in my Custom 1 guide. I checked and the same thing happens with the guide set to Channels I Get. I simply think this is a 0x547 issue (bug) in hopes DTV will read it. Thanks.

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Oddly, I had something similar happen on 501 yesterday during Game of Thrones as well. The recording and the live feed stopped at about 33 min like the satellite was blocked, but every other channel worked fine.

I tried to record the showing again later on my HR34 and one of my HR22's and the exact same thing happened, but at different points in the show. In fact, in the second attempt it only recorded 3 minutes and stopped in the exact same place on both receivers. Makes me believe something happened on DirecTV's end, but I have no idea what's going on. This morning the channel appears to work fine.

Very odd

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I subscribe to HBO. It starts with channel 501. When I scroll down through the guide, 501 is missing, but when I scroll up from below 501, 501 appears. Funny, huh?
Go into your favorites , select "edit".

Begin scrolling as to check channels or un check to add or delete to and from a list
You WIll (or see if you see what i see),
see exactly as you describe (channels missing/ depending on "up/down scroll") there also.
( i discovered this right after HD UI was introduced and had "a fit" trying to reconstruct fav lists with channels disappearing and reappearing depending on the direction i scrolled)

The whole interface is a mess and evidently its not IRD specific.
(Ie: the new flagship 399+$ hr34 series as you just described)

Hr-20 here.
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