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Which Network Delivers the Best Overall HD PQ?

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For me CBS over NBC with FOX a distant third ;)

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CBS hands down.

Both for picture quality, and surround sound quality.

The CSI's all look spectacular and The Unit has the best use of 5.1 surround I've heard on a Network.

(yes, I work for a CBS affiliate, but that doesn't mean I watch more CBS programming)

All said and done, the affiliates in these parts do a pretty good job.
(there is a current issue with ABC's audio lag, but I hope they are working on it before premiere time)

I do most of my Big 4 Network watching via OTA, so DirecTV doesn't really factor in.
CW I can only get via OTA, as well as PBS if I was inclined to watch it.

1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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