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Which SL5 non-swm lnb?

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I recently had to replace my SL5 non-swm Eagle Aspen lnb and am now using a Zinwell. Is there a general preference with these things regarding reliability or are they all about the same? The Eagle Aspen lasted about 4 years before failing. Thanks.
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There was one brand, I forget which one, that would quit when the temperature got down below 0, then would start working again when it warmed up. That was in the original run several years ago. Have heard of no issues since then.

I would not be concerned with the brand name, as long as its current stock.
Thanks. :)

I was just reading about some WNC lnb's that seemed to fail in cold weather. Actually i believe it is SWM WNC lnb's that can fail in cold weather.
That problem manifested itself in the first production run. I believe they have corrected it, and all of the faulty ones (at least those that exhibited the problem) have been replaced.
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