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Which Transponder/Satellite Are Locals Coming in On? Also, Need Footprint Map..

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I haven't kept up with all of this in quite awhile. I've got a Slimline 5 dish that utilizes 101, 110, 119, 99, and 103.

I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to find a "footprint" map of local markets. I need to know the Little Rock, AR markets and the Baton Rouge, LA local market footprint areas. Is there a link somewhere that shows this? What sat/transponder does DirecTV send locals through? TIA.

I'd like to add that I did take a look at a thread on here that utilized Google Earth, but it didn't show what I was looking for.
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I don't see Little Rock or Baton Rouge on either one of those links. Surely it can't be this hard to find the footprints of those two markets :confused:
Thy have to be on the transponder map. If DirecTV offers locals in a market, they are there. Make sure you are on the LIL tab in the spreadsheet. It doesn't work too well on the ipad or I'd check it myself.

Also, you want to look at the first post, from gct for the transponder map, then for the footprint look at GCT'S posts as well, starting with the first post.
I'm really frustrated. I found what I needed in the past with relative ease. I'm not sure why I'm having so much difficulty in finding this. Ugh. The first link that was listed above doesn't have Little Rock or Baton Rouge listed. The second link that has the excel file attachment does have Little Rock and Baton Rouge. I found the satellite, transponder info, etc. in the excel file. Now, how do I use that info. to find the footprint area for each local market? I don't understand why this is so difficult. I'm sure it's operator error.

See below attached screen shot on the Little Rock local market. How do I use that info. to find the broadcast footprint?


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No, you're not doing anything wrong. Those HD locals aren't on DirecTV-12, so there is no data for them. Is there anything in particular you're trying to accomplish?
dpeters11 said:
No, you're not doing anything wrong. Those HD locals aren't on DirecTV-12, so there is no data for them.
So, there's no way to find their footprint?
Unfortunately Baton Rouge is on D-11 and no direct info is available for the HD spotbeams.
As per my post :

An approximation can be obtained.

D-12 Maps:

Baton Rouge is A1B5
Use the D-12 map (Houston). Mentally move the center about 200 miles NE and that is the Baton Rouge spotbeam for D-11

Little Rock is A2B8
Use the D-12 map (Dallas). Same exercise, Move the center pin approximately 200 miles NE and the contours are for Little Rock AK.

Not exact but the best we have, and gives reasonable guess at reception.

Thanks for your interest.
Hope this helps:)

Doctor j
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