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Who got nominated on Big Brother last night?

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Missed the show. At the Angels game. Forgot to tape it with all of the college football stuff happening. Whom did Marcellas nominate to get kicked out on Thursday? Who won veto? Thanks!
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If I remember currectly Marcallas nomincated his best buddy Amy for being a ***** durring the food competition, and Roddy just because hes scared of Roddy.

Everyone was upset at Marcallas because of his nominations, so I would expected to say bye bye to Marcallas next week.
Results of the veto competition (that will be aired on Wednesday):
Amy won the veto competition.
Hmm I wonder who that person is going to Veto? Tough position to be in. :D
I missed the food competition. I'm surprised he voted for Amy. I guess we'll see what happens on Wednesday. Thanks!
Here is a BB3 spoiler page where you can find out what's happening long before the results are aired.

America's choice results.

I've just been watching the feed and it looks like America's choice gave them a clothing shopping spree. At this time they are just about ready to start.
Thanks for the spoilers and the website. It's been bookmarked for future reference. :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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