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Who you gonna call?

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Would you like a live person to order HD hardware for you? Wondering about your install? Did the tech no call/no show on you? Got a non-returned equipment fee on your bill, and you were never told to return the item? Did an installer/service guy damage your house, or do an incorrect or incomplete install and you want to report that technician or local office?

Well then, sparky, you need CIS: Customer Installation Support!
They can be reached at:

These reps can look up service calls/installs, and verify the job# as well as any order#s if new equipment was ordered, and they can handle the Non-returned equipment fees as well. They also will handle problems with installers or service technicians.

Now, other issues, like regular billing, troubleshooting tech issues, messages on the screen, ordering non-HD equipment, changing services, ect, still go the the main 800#.

Hope that helps.

Now go watch some football.
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Yooo hoooo!


Instead of going OFF the topic in threads like "no call/no show" ect, here is the info!
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