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Whole home DECA - No Internet Address

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Hi all.. Looking for a little advice.

I have 2 HR24's and 2 HD receivers...before the rain storm, were working fine and connected to the internet via a DECA adapter that powered all the devices. Storm hit and took out the switch that the DECA was attached to. I replaced the switch and re-powered everything back up. I have all green lights on the DECA, but I cant get an internet connection to save my life.

You guys think that the DECA got hit? IF so, why all the green lights still...?

I dontget a solid light on the switch anymore that showsit is pulling an internet connection....

Thoughts before I buy a new DECA that I should try?
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Might want to check the ethernet cabling and port on the router, "but" you can have three green LEDs and still have a dead ethernet output.
Thanks.. I will check the cable and I know the switch is fine as it is bew and is working with other devices.

I should be able to plug that in, and within a couple minutes, it whouls just *work* correct?
After about 3 mins, everything should have sync'd and be ready.
Yeah... I restarted all teh receivers twice...the router twice, unplugged and plugged back in everything... no dice.

Im making the assumption the DECA is bad anbd ordered a new one.

When I get it, I will plug it in and cross my fingers :) Will post back.

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