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Whole home DVR or leave as is?

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My current setup is split between two dishes. Dish1 serves my family room HR21 (where most TV is watched) and my 94yr old mom's granny flat/guest house about 100' away from the main house (really old Sony SAT-A2 std def receiver).

Dish2 is right outside my bedroom and serves an HR21 and HR23 (bedroom and retreat).

My mom's 20 year old Sony TV finally died and I'm getting her a 50" LCD to replace it. So, it's time to upgrade her receiver to HD. Last night I ordered an upgraded receiver from DTV. The best deal I could get out of them was a free upgrade but I have to pay shipping/handling ($21 with tax) and commit to 24 more months.

I was informed that I am eligible for a free whole home DVR upgrade. I refused because my split dish setup works for me and it would be complicated to get cables between them. Now, I'm having second thoughts ... should I go for it and just use the whole home setup for my family room/granny flat and leave the old setup in my bedroom (it has its own dish)? If I understand it correctly, I would be getting a new dish and a new DVR with 5 tuners. Could I just keep the HR21 and move it to the granny flat? I have RG6 running to the granny flat (about 100') which connects to about 50' of RG59 in the walls to get to the TV. Would that still work with this new hardware? Is it correct that the whole-home DVR service is just $3/mo extra (I already have the DVR package).

Or, would it be better to just install the upgraded receiver and be done with it? Short term, I wouldn't care about sharing content between the two DVRs. But long term, who knows?

Thanks for any feedback.
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My opinion based on other posts that i have read.
1. You took the deal with the upgrade. The Whole Home Deal is no longer available.
2. The HR34 is referred to as a Home media Center and not included in the Whole Home DVR unless you are a new customer.
3. As you said already, I would just go with what you are doing for now. Your granny will be happy that her old TV died with a new 50" TV and HD programming.
Jimmie57, they told me I could cancel as long as I do it before activating the receiver. But, I was misinformed and thought the whole home dvr included the HR34. If not the case, I definitely won't be opting for that. I'll just proceed along with the original plan.

Whole home does not in and of itself get you the HR34.

However, if whole home is important to you, there are ways to do it with your configuration (but unsupported by DirecTV). If whole-home isn't a big deal for you, just go with your original plan.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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