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I'm finally looking at upgrading to the Whole Home DVR. Currently have five DVRs:
1 HR20
1 HR21
1 HR22

I talked with 2 CSRs tonight. One quoted $199 upgrade fee, $49 install plus $3/month. Second CSR quoted $99 upgrade fee, $49 install fee (but will waive that since I've been a member since 1998) and $3/month. Just when I was about to say "please schedule my install", she said "sorry, I misquoted you; that is $199 upgrade fee and $3/mo but we'll still waive the $49 install fee."

I thought the going rate for the upgrade was $99 plus $49 plus $3/mo. Am I wrong? (there was no discussion nor do I intend to replace the SD DVRs with HD (at this time)).

Do I spin the CSR roulette wheel again or is $199 the best I'm going to get?

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There is a new higher price as shown in the link, but you should have refused to let them off the hook when they changed the price up.

I figure the new price is because they've been giving so many WH setups free -- now they can drop $100 and still get the planned price.
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