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Hello everyone..Ok, so my parents, (been w/ dtv for 15 yrs.) upgraded to the whole home dvr sys about 2 mos. ago. They're is 3 tv's hooked up, & the system is connected to the wireless router. Since about the second week, 2 tv's have a random continuing issue of the picture on a few channels will pixelate, audio will cut out, and the receiver becomes very sluggish. They've had.. at least 7 techs out in that time. The main unit ( the recorder ) has been replaced, software has been updated or changed, dish changed, LNB changed, just added an SWM, All the wire has been changed, and its still same problem. last tech was here on sat, everything was good for 1 day.. And sure enough.. same old.. Anyone have an idea? any help would be sooo appreciated. thanks, and happy thanksgiving to everyone..
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