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Whole Home DVR Question

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Currently I DO HAVE Whole Home DVR...It's just through my existing home network with Cat 5. Works pretty good! I'd like to add an H24 receiver to my existing setup. I read something that says you need at least 1 HR24 receiver set up in your network in order to use an H24 receiver in a Whole Home DVR setup. Is this true.
Right now I have an HR20 and HR21 DVR's. Will it not work with them?
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An H24 will work with any DVR that has Whole Home authorized on it.
That's what I thought. Just making sure...
The H24 has an internal DECA as well as an external ethernet connection. Powering up or rebooting the H24 with an ethernet cable connected will disable the internal DECA, and allow the external ethernet port to function with your hardwired MRV setup.

Be aware the newest H25 receivers do not have an external ethernet port, and will only work in a SWM environment. If ordering from DirecTV, and your account is SWM flagged, there is a possibility you will receive an H25. Best to order online (solidsignal, amazon) to ensure you get the exact model number you desire.

Good Luck!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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