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Whole Home DVR Won't Activate

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I've had Whole Home Dvr service for a few months now, but yesterday my DVR's wouldn't talk to each other. I went to the website and it showed that my WHD service was no longer active. I tried to re-activate it, but it wouldn't let me. I talked to a level one tech at Directv and they weren't able to reactivate it either. Anyone heard anything about this issue? As of today, I still don't have my WHD service back.
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according to your thread at DirecTV forums, you got taken care of

:welcome_s to DBSTalk!

As peds mentioned, looks like you got it figured out. As you see from the posts at DirecTV Forums, the more information you can provide when presenting an issue, the easier it is to get a response. Providing your receiver models in the original post probably would have gotten you an answer here in a few hours as well.

Let us know how everything turns out once you get your new HD-DVR.

- Merg
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