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Whole Home Service Disconnecting

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Here is my setup:

Slimline Disk r (supports 8 tuners) to Power Inverter
H23-600 with a DECA
HR-22-100 with a DECA
HR34 connected as follows: hard-wired ethernet cable to an Airport Express that is wirelessly connected to an Airport Extreme Base Station that is the wireless router for my home (connected by hard-wired short ethernet to a DSL modem box).
IP address distribution by the Airport Extreme Base Station is DHCP

There is no external CCK on the HR34; they said that I didn't need one. Seems like these boards confirm that.

All worked fine after install from DTV, including whole home functionality (about three months ago the HR34 and DECAs were installed and WH activated)
DirecTV Apps on the HR34 still works now.
But no receiver can see any other receiver's playlist.
This has occured both times after I have used the Whole home feature by watching on the H23 a show that was recorded on either the HR-24 or in this latter case the HR34.
After I watched the show, I deleted it in the first case from the H23 and in the second case directly from the HR34. They deleted fine and they recorded and played fine.
The first time (a few weeks ago), I reset everything with the red buttons and the reset the modem and it was fine.
I tried that again two days ago after the second time and it didn't change anything; did it in this order: all receivers off (but not unplugged), unplug the modem and replug in/reset; then turn on and red reset button the HR34 then the H23 then the HR24.

I will try unplugging everything including the power injector but what can I do to stop this from happening again (and other than the above get it back working even now)?
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I have noticed a few issues with using the HR34 as the CCK in my setup. I have an R22-100 that seems to drop off the Whole Home network on a sporadic basis. The most I can tell is that the R22 drops off if I have put the HR34 into stand-by. It looks like that issue is resolved by using an actual CCK.

In order to determine if the issue is caused by the CCK, disconnect the ethernet cable from the HR34. You can then reset the receivers or rerun the Network Setup on them. This will make the receivers revert to their internal IP address. It might take a few minutes for the receivers to find each other, but they will. If things work fine this way, the next step is to try to set up all your receivers with static IP addresses with the CCK connected.

Just for clarification, I realize that you don't have an external CCK connected, but by hooking an Ethernet cable up to the HR34 you are having the HR34 act as a CCK.

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"satprof" said:
ok I can try that.
But the installer didn't leave me with the external CCK for the HR34 (said that I didn't need it, which from these boards is technically correct, as you state, the HR34 can act internally as a CCK).

I don't want to have to buy it of course.
If I call will they just send one to me and will front line support do this, or to whom do you recommend that I speak to get it sent to me?
I'm not saying that you need the external CCK. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the HR34 and rerun the Network Setup on each receiver so they revert to their internal IP address. Then check to see if you have the drop offs still. Let us know and we'll go from there.

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