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I searched and can't find a solid answer here. I am in the process of installing the whole home system. I have an HR21 and an HR24. I installed the SWM and have that working as dual tuners on a single wire.

I installed a Wireless cinema connection kit (DCCK) on the hr21. The only way I could get it to work was to pass the signal through it and use the cat5 connection. Doing that I was able to connect both tuners to the internet.

I have not received my deca yet but sent an email to have the whole home turned on. When I got home it was activated, I checked and I can see both tuners and access the playlists.

Is this going to hurt anything until I get the deca? I will have it Tuesday. It seems like I read that the wireless DCCK was a deca but can't confirm that. I just don't want to hurt something while waiting on the deca.

Would it even work if there was not a deca on the hr21?

Thank for looking
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