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So I have my two HR24-500's, HR20-100, & HR22-100 connected old-style - two coax from the multiswitch and networked via hardwired ethernet.

This has been my setup for a couple of years and it has worked flawlessly since (before) WH was introduced officially.

About two weeks ago, one of my two HR24-500's started acting flaky and getting the error message "No audio/video packets received from the server." anytime you try to play something on another receiver. It also seems to disconnect from the network frequently (vs. never until two weeks ago).

You might think it was a network issue, but all the other three receivers can play content from the flaky HR24-500. The HR24 can play Pandora & YouTube with no issues.

I think there is an issue with the ethernet port on the HR24. When I call DTV Tech Support, they basically have no documentation or solutions that don't involve SWiM (hence the name unsupported). However, if it's truly a hardware issue with the receiver and it's network port, I'm in no-mans land. They are willing to replace the receiver for the $19.95 charge but instead want me to convert everything to SWM for a $75.88 professional installation charge...

Either should fix the problem because the conversion to SWM takes the network port out of play on the HR24-500.


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Since you have 4 DVR's (total 8 Tuners)and WH active on your account - You have a third option should you wish to do it. Go to ebay and search for a swm8 & get 2 Deca's and 1 broadband deca.

Add up the total cost of the equipment (from ebay) and if the cost is right you can covert to swm DIY.
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