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Whole House and D* Everywhere questions

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D* tech coming today to add a HD reciever to another bedroom. I have whole house and a wireless network. I was wondering if they will have to run a solid line to the bedroom or this can all be done wirelessly since I have 2 DVR's already on the whole house setup. They have cable lines ran to each box, but was hoping with all the new wireless tricks if they can get the signal to the tv in the bedroom wirelessly.

Also.... Can you get the live TV on an iPad (2012 edition) without the cinema connection kit they have on their website. I have the iPad and the receiver on the same network, but it still doesn't work. i am hardwired (ethernet) to the HR21 that I was trying to use. Only thing I found that was different on their website is I don't have the cinema connection kit.

Thanks for any help
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The tech will need to run a coax line to your new HD receiver. Directv does not currently have a wireless receiver. I do not have an iPad, so I do not know the answer to your second question.
DirecTV does not care how your devices are connected to the internet. as long as your iPad and HDDVR are on the same network and the last 4 digits of the receiver ID number on the DirecTV iPad app matches those of the actual receiver, then it should work
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