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Why are the Twins' home HD feed always in SD?

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For the last several weeks, when I've tuned to the MLB E.I. Twins home HD feed (the NNN-1 channel), it says "HD" in the guide (and should be HD since it's a -1 channel), but it's always in 4:3 SD. Their opponents' HD feed, however, is in HD.

Today, however, was a little different. Only the home feed indicated HD, but that was, once again, in SD. I tuned to the two corresponding 600 channel numbers and both the FOX Sports North Twins broadcast and the FOX Sports Detroit broadcast said the game was in HD, but the former was in SD and the latter was showing a billiards game instead, even though the guide said Tigers at Twins HD.

Anyone else notice this about the Twins' home HD feeds NOT being in HD?
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