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Why do some receivers have cards and some don't?

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Did a quick search but couldn't find anything, although this has probably been asked before.

Why do some receivers have cards and others don't? I asked a tech while he was troubleshooting a problem, and he just said some do some don't. He really didn't know the reason.

Are all the vip receivers card free?
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boba said:
All DISH receivers have "CARDS" some are credit card size cards that slide into card slots. Some are chips built into the circuit boards of the receiver. The VIP models were produced with the last generation of chips built in so some have been updated with credit card style purple cards.

There are also some receivers on ebay/Craigs list that people have removed the cards:)
thanks boba

so vip's don't need the purple cards then?
My original 222k, and replaced 222k both had no card, so it must have the current chip then.

P Smith said:
Press Info button twice - you'll see the Rxxx and Sxxxx numbers; Sxxx means your box have it. Embedded or not, but without the card your DVR/receiver is dumb.
Well, in system info, I see smart card ID with a series of numbers and letters following it. This must be what you are talking about.

All that info is on the same screen, but I see what you are talking about now.


and, yes you can access this with a double click on menu.
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