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why no West Coast UPN

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I have a high deff tv and a 6000, and can't record. My favorite show is on UPN on Tuesday nights 8:00( Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Dish has 2 feeds but they are BOTH east coast. That means they play at 5:00 here. So, unless I leave work early every tuesday, I only get to see the last 15 minutes of the show.

More of a rant I guess. Every time I call Dish I mention that, and no one really cares.
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The superstations are those designated as such in SHVIA. Only two of them are UPN afiliates and both are East Coast. Since UPN and WB do not qulify as networks there is no Distant net UPN. This is not the fault of DISH.
well, you can only do so much wiuth the money CBS gives ya....
Well you know you could go get a VCR and record it. Set up a timer on the 6000 to change channel to the superstation at 5pm PST or whatever timezone you are in, and set the vcr to record it. You can hook a vcr up to the video out on the 6000. Then when you get home you will have the show.

Think you will have the show hours before your friends.
Also, superstations are kinda "legacy" products now. They were intended to show out of market teams, but showed other programming as well. My local cableco carried several of the superstations as well as some Bay Area stations back in the late eighties/early nineties, but Syndication Exclusivity effective killed 'em.
If you record to the VCR don't forget to switch to SD mode.
Please update your profile so we know your location. I have UPN available OTA digital here in Portland and Buffy looks great.
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