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Why Number of Posts are Gone ???

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Why were the number of posts statistics removed from the statistic info beside each username that shows up everytime someone posts?
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I agree. I kinda like the # of posts being listed. It made me feel proud once I finally hit Godfather. LOL. I do like having that listed.
We pulled those because some folks seemed to be spamming the board to elevate their post counts. The feature may return later, but for now, the temptation has been removed.
i am "some folks"-i don't think i've been spamming(if i have, just kick me off the board or pm me if i have been "out of line"-, but this round about, sly reference garbage, frankly, stinks...
I honestly wasn't referring to you.
uh huh..yeah
You have a pm.
FWIW (and maybe it is worth nothing) I don't think Neil meant you either. There were people obsessed with post count. Which is an odd obsession. But I once moderated another forum and well I saw it there too. Seemingly rational people became obsessed with it. One courageous soul took it upon himself to count people's posts and stated that he agreed with Poster X over Poster Y because of that post count.

Weird stuff but hey it happens. My friends the Navajos discuss the concept of a life that is out of balance. It alters ones perspectives. I think that happened here.
My only concern is that I'm coming close to the 500 mark and I think that the supporters have to have the user title manually upgraded. At least my points have a fairly high singnal and low noise radtio.
jrjcd, Neil was refering to me. Like, duh! And no - I NEVER spammed the board, or tried to artificially increase my post count. But if that's what they want to think quite honestly, I don't care
"some folks" is plural....both you and i...
Gosh, honestly this place is starting to remind me of somewhere else.
Don't you just hate it when everyone is against you Mark? :rolleyes:
Then Mark go somewhere else.

You are now on a week long vacation.

Enough already.
I wish we had never come up with the titles. This worked best as a classless society. And yeah I know it still does not have any class.
You have the right to remain silent;
you have the right to an attorney.
If you waive your right to remain silent,
what you say can be held against you
in a court of your peers
Originally posted by Geronimo

Weird stuff but hey it happens. My friends the Navajos discuss the concept of a life that is out of balance. It alters ones perspectives. I think that happened here.
But Geronimo was an Apache, not a Navajo. :D

And I was almost to 500!:)
Thats why the Navajos are my friends instead of part of my tribe.
Actually the users titles are okay it's just that people found a way to abuse them. No big surprise. Just human nature I guess.

Mark getting sent on vacation should be no surprise to anyone. This isn't the first forum he has been banned from. Over the past year we had warned him several times about his conduct here. He says he's sorry and then a month later he is right back to doing the same things.

We will allow him to return. He's a good kid and very knowledgeable about a great many aspects of DBS, computers and electronics. I just hope he realizes that his actions have consequences. We try to be pretty liberal around here but we are also human and can only put up with so much crap.

Some of you may not agree with this but I just wanted to let you know where we are coming from.
er, ah, but ........ biting my tongue ..........
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