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Why won't the banner go off in 4 seconds?

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And, yes, I DO have "4 seconds" checked off in the menu! Sometimes it stays on an awfully long time. (Seems to occur most on the music channels.) Out of curiosity, I timed it once and it was 7 - 8 MINUTES before the thing when off! (This really gets annoying when I'm trying to do "double-play" -- the down arrow --, and all I hear is "THUMP-THUMP-THUMP.") So, any way to fix this? Or is this just another of those wonderful bugs?
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Go to Menu, Settings , Reset and use the first one in the list.
This is just like doing a shut down / restart on a PC. Nothing is lost, but it fixes a lot of little annoying things just like this.
OK, tried that. Didn't help any . . .
I have noticed some times that a setting has to be changed to a different setting and then go back to the one you actually want for it to keep the command.
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