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Will adding premium channels raise base package price?

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My base package price Total Choice Plus is priced a few dollars lower because I had it prior to the price change increase a while back, If I add the STARZ /SHOWTIME 2 for 1 package will I have to upgrade to the newer packages at the higher price?
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If you add them via the webpage it will probably change your package price. If you call and add them, it probably won't. I have an old package and I've made quite a few changes lately (including the change you're talking about) via phone and my package hasn't changed. I always make sure to ask that it hasn't changed before ending the call.
You are right, went online and just clicked on SHO/STARZ offer and it said to add you need to upgrade to the new package. So I canceled.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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