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I found this channel by looking up my local PBS DTV simulcast online.
I can't get this channel OTA and wondered what my chances that DirecTV will get this channel in the future?

info on Create TV
"About Create™ TV
More often called " do-it-yourself", the program genres seen on Create™ TV include viewers' favorite public television series and specials on cooking, travel, arts and crafts, gardening, home improvement and other lifestyle interests. The programs seen on Create TV come from American Public Television, The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

Create TV was launched to serve viewers' increasing interest in "do-it-yourself" programs. Create was designed for round-the-clock* broadcast of the most popular lifestyle and how-to programming seen on public television - where lifestyle programming got its start!

Four years ago, American Public Television (APT) collaborated with Thirteen/WNET New York and WGBH Boston and garnered the support of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to develop the national release of the Create TV channel. The channel has been developed to serve viewers and the digital multicast needs of public television stations nationwide.

Create TV launched locally in 2004 on WGBH-DTV/Comcast Cable in Boston and WLIW-DTV/Cablevision in New York. As the model gained popularity, the national Create TV channel premiered on January 9, 2006.
*The majority of Create channels operate 24 hours daily; some broadcast during a smaller number of hours daily."

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It can't hurt to send an email to Directv customer service requesting the channel if you're interested in it.

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Probably not until the PBS HD deal has all of the details ironed out and they have a means to pull the PBS digital signals.

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durl said:
Sounds like Food Network, DIY, HGTV, and Travel Channel.
It is a combination of many of those rolled into one. I know a lot of PBS locals are carrying this on a subchannel -- here in Austin we have it on 18-2 OTA.

There's some pretty good programming on it. I don't know if they are (or will be going) HD anywhere, though.
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