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Will signal strength effect my Picture Quality on RPTB

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I just purchased a 55" hd-ready rear projection set. I also have Dish Network feed coming in on a high-end S-Video cable. Over time, my signal strength has dropped from around low to mid 90's to around low 70's range (basically been too lazy to re-adjust). I never really noticed many problems on my old 32" set, but now that I have the projection set, i definitely see more artifacts, fuzziness, etc. I expected some loss of quality but I am wondering if signal strength will effect the picture quality or not, especially on a larger rear projection set.
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Signal strength will not affect pq, a SS of 125 will yield the same PQ as a SS of 30. A higher SS just means more immuniy to rain fade.
Higher signal strength will not give you any better picture quality. With the digital nature of DBS, you either get a picture or you don't (there is no in between like there is with a normal analog rooftop antenna). Higher signal numbers are better because when it rains, you will have better resistance to "rain fade". Your signal is starting out at a higher level so it will have to fall further before the receiver can no longer lock on to the signal.

You are probably seeing more artifacts than you did before because your TV screen is much larger and the defects are easier to see. (The artifacts were always there but your older TV covered them up).

If you don't have a rain fade problem, you can delay re-aligning your dish - your picture will not get any better. However, if your signals continue to drop, you might want to re-tweak.
Hey Steve,

Not to be Nit Picky, but I thought you needed a Signal of at least 60 to lock in a picture? :)

Once you have a picture the PQ will be the same.

A digital picture is a Digital picture, on Analog a week signal means a bad picture.
Last time we had a major storm, SS on most TPs at 110 were in the 40s and 50s.
I have to agree... My old 4000 and my 501 both lock on at about a signal strength level of 40 or so.
Anyone know the reasoning by E* to change from a percentage system to a points system?
I have seen it lock as low as 37 or 38 percent but used to notice it lock in the past the lowest at 40 percent and thats the minimum needed to get a picture in.
My 110 strength is in the 70s while my 119 is around 100. Should I adjust or is this normal? I live in Maryland and I do get rain fade if a thunderstorm is coming in from the SW.

I am in Maryland too, I'll check my 500 and see what I get on my signal strengths.
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