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I just completed a major remodeling job on kitchen and dining room. Wife decided well after the fact that she would like a new HDTV for the kitchen. She wants new tv wall mounted. The problem is there is no room for the reciever (currently HR21-700) and of course she don't want any cables showing.

Some of the LG's (preferred brand) seem to offer a wireless input. Looking at around a 37 to 42 size.

Looks like DTV has a wireless option but it seems to point more towards Direct Cinema than anything else. Rub there is I have Hughesnet for an ISP with a 425 MB usage allowance per day.

What I'm looking for I guess is a way to have the DTV reciever connect to the LAN side of my network and transmit it to the TV wirelessly...
Is this do able ?
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