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First of all, I'd like to thank the 998 voters who have taken the time to let DirecTV know how they value our Wish List requests! The Wish List will be two years old this month. And I'd also like to once again give a shout-out to its founder, Doug Brott, for conceiving and writing the Wish List application, and for continuing to host and maintain it on our behalf.

It's been a while since I last posted a Wish List summary, and I apologize for that. As you all know, sometimes "real life" intervenes. :)

Since the July update, several more of our requests have been implemented, making a grand total of 47 to date that have been addressed in whole, in part or in "spirit". Those include the following, some of which are still in pre-release testing and slated to be rolled out in the upcoming fall software update:
  • [strike]When LiveTV is interrupted by 'OK to Change Channel/Cancel Recording?', ask the viewer which recording they'd like to cancel. [/strike](THIS ONE MAY OR MAY NOT BE COMPLETE. STILL CHECKING.)
  • During FF or RW, LEFT/RIGHT arrows should SKIP-TO-TICKS.
  • Selecting a SHOW in the PRIORITIZER should always display its upcoming EPISODE list.
  • Automatically pad a recording's start and/or stop time by one minute, when it won't cause a conflict.
  • Optional "triple-tap" text entry for SEARCH term input or editing.
  • Implement SEARCH and AUTORECORD as described below, or the key concepts contained within, including top-level CATEGORY search, TITLE AUTORECORD, multiple keywords, wildcards, BOOLEAN logic, CHANNEL filters and REMOTE keypad shortcuts.

The following new requests have been added to the list this week:
  • An add'l GUIDE filter to display channels with SCHEDULED RECORDINGS.
This feature would provide another way besides the TODO list to view scheduled recordings. It would allow viewing program descriptions at a glance and may be easier to navigate for recordings that are a week or more out.
  • Option to AUTO-TRIM a scheduled show's start/stop time, to avoid conflicts.
The INFO balloon reads: We'd like Record Once, Record Series and Recording Defaults options to specify up to how many minutes we'd be willing to trim from a show to avoid conflicts. We'd like to be able to specify up to 0,1,2,3,4 or 5 minutes, with the ability to override any default trim times on a show-by-show basis. Conflicting trim settings should be resolved on a priority basis.

If implemented as spec'd, this option will be more flexibile than TiVo's "overlap protection feature", which is limited to 5 minutes and is only a global option... it's either "on" or "off" for every recording. This suggestion would allow us the same global capability, but can also be overridden on a show-by-show basis, and with user-selected trim time limits.

It will replace the following existing Wish List requests:
  • "Negative padding" OPTION. The ability to schedule a recording to start late or end early by "N" minutes.
  • When a scheduled recording's start or end time will slightly conflict with scheduled recordings in a different time slot, do not cancel any recordings. Record one as a "partial".
If you're a first-time visitor to the Wish List survey, registration is quick and painless, I promise. :) If you've already voted, new requests may have been since your last visit, and you'll find those highlighted in BLUE for your convenience.

WHAT'S HOT! Here are the currently "top scoring" requests:
  • Display only the channels that are in your current subscription package in SEARCH results.
  • Recording HISTORY should always display the correct reason a show was "Canceled", "Deleted", or "Not Recorded".
  • OPTION to backup your HR20 settings and/or SERIES LINKS via network or USB drive.
  • Allow editing of the "CHANNELS I GET" list, similar to the way the OFF-AIR channel list is editable.
  • When "First Run/Repeat" status is unknown, use a program's "Original Air Date" to calculate it.
  • Dual Live Buffers - Toggle between two live shows with 30+ minute buffers on each.
  • Show more GUIDE channels and hours per screen.
  • Option to AUTO-TRIM a scheduled show's start/stop time, to avoid conflicts.
  • Ignore CHANNEL UP/DOWN while watching recordings, to prevent inadvertently exiting PLAYBACK or clearing the LIVE buffer.
  • Multi-Room Viewing via the Ethernet Port.
  • Up to FFX3, automatically switch to PLAY at the end of a commercial block.
  • Show the highlighted program's description in the "To Do List" and "History", instead of a static message.
  • OPTION for the PROGRESS BAR to clear immediately when hitting PLAY to exit from a CRUISE CONTROL function, or after the last ADVANCE.
  • SERIES LINK setup options: RECORD: [First Run/Repeat/Both/All with Duplicates]; RECORD THIS TIME SLOT ONLY?: [Y/N]; RECORD THIS WEEK-DAY ONLY?: [Y/N]; KEEP AT MOST: [1/2/3/4/5/10/ALL]; WHEN LIMIT REACHED: [Delete Oldest/Stop Recording]; AUTODELETE WHEN DISK FULL?: [Y/N]
  • Undelete, or the ability to allow user acccess to a "recycle bin" to restore a recording.
  • Flag "partial" recordings on the PLAYLIST. The show's PROGRESS BAR should reflect the partial time as well.
  • Ignore irrelevant words or punctuation ("Manual:", A, An, The, 'Til) when alphabetically sorting MY PLAYLIST.
  • AUTORECORD matches should be grouped in PLAYLIST folders named for the recorded shows' titles, just as if they were recorded by SERIES LINKS.
  • Display LONG CHANNEL NAMES in the CHANNELS I GET or CUSTOM channel set-up lists.
  • Any option to cancel a RECORDING in progress should offer the option to "delete the partial" that will be left behind.
  • During FF or RW, UP/DOWN arrows should express to the START or END of a recording.
  • Continue to scroll the cursor to the bottom (or top) when reaching the top (or bottom) of a list or menu pane. E.g., move from "Aiwa" up to "Zenith" in the remote code list, or "Zodiac" down to "24" in the PLAYLIST.
  • An "UPDATE NOW" option to immediately populate the TO DO LIST with all matching programs in the GUIDE, after scheduling a SL, AUTORECORD, or re-ordering the PRIORITIZER.
  • Increase the SERIES LINK limit to more than 50.

WHAT'S NOT! The lowest scoring items (lowest last):
  • Increase the number of Custom channel lists to 5 or more.
  • OPTION to use the PLAY key as PLAY/PAUSE, and use the PAUSE key for SLOW MOTION.
  • CCHAN operator recognition of channels as follows: "CCHAN 4-1 200 231s 400…410" will find shows on channels 4-1, 200, 231(SD) or 400,401…410.
  • OPTION to change color schemes or themes.
  • Light amber LED for 1 recording and red LED for 2 recordings.
  • Ability to manually tune to an available over-the-air channel not in the GUIDE.
  • Ability to "power off" or "shutdown" via a menu option.
  • "Digital Living Network Alliance" certification of features intended to interoperate with other DLNA-compliant products.
  • Ability to remotely control more than two HR20/21's in the same room via IR.
NOTE: Only a few of the current Wish List requests are contained in this post. You may view and vote on the entire list of 75 suggestions here. TIA. /steve

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I may have jumped the gun on reporting one request as "complete":

When LiveTV is interrupted by 'OK to Change Channel/Cancel Recording?', ask the viewer which recording they'd like to cancel.

Can anyone confirm there are still instances in the UI where you are not offered a choice of which recording you'd like to stop? TIA.


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Saw a posting today for a documented case where the viewer was not given a choice of which recording to cancel while watching LIVE TV, so I've put this one back on the active Wish List, under the "Bugs or Features" category:

When LiveTV is interrupted by 'OK to Change Channel/Cancel Recording?', ask the viewer which recording they'd like to cancel.

The viewer was watching channel "a", with two programs imminently scheduled to record on channels "b" and "c". He was only offered an option to cancel one of them... presumably the one scheduled to record on the LIVE tuner.

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