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Whishlist Poll: Sort the To Do List by Date or Title

  • Yes! Let us sort it by Date OR Title, implemented with a yellow button choice in the to do list sim

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Whatever makes you happy, I don't have a opinion...

    Votes: 17 77.3%
  • Nope... I can't handel any more features...

    Votes: 5 22.7%

Wishlist Poll: Ability to sort To Do List

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I would like to be able to sort the To Do List by Title or date & time, rather than just by date & time. Every once in a while I go through 2 weeks of the guide and choose some movies to record.. and I always seem to select one or two more than once... and never notice this until after both have been recorded, wasting space... If I could sort the To Do List by tittle when I wanted, then I could double check what I've selected and avoid this problem.

I would think it would be easy to simply add the yellow button to the to do list just like it appears in the playlist and give us the change the order of playlist (renamed to do list) option that is in place there.

This feature would not cause anything to operate differently anywhere else in the unit, simply add more ability in one place...

Anyone agree?

(for reminder, the playlist can be sorted by Title, A-Z or Z-A, and by Date Newest to Oldest, Oldest to Newest)
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I agree. This is especially useful if you have Auto Record Series Links based on keyword searches and are not sure what matches will end up being added to the To Do List. I regularly review my To Do List simply to weed out shows I don't want, and putting them in order by name would be of benefit to me.

And oh yeah, don't forget, DIRECTV, you need to replace the generic instructions atop the To Do List with the actual program information for the currently highlighted program! ;)
Can't think of any reason not to have that kind of sort available. Not sure I'd ever use it.

I would like to be able to sort To-Do by "conflict", paging through 101 todo items to check for conflicts can get a bit tedious.

The more features the better.... Sounds good to me! :)
cadet502 said:
Can't think of any reason not to have that kind of sort available. Not sure I'd ever use it.
Agreed. I guess it's an OK feature to add, but I wouldn't ever use it either. I voted for it, but if considered, it should go to the bottom of the wishlist.
Only one thing I want with the To Do list.
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