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I thought I had a good Wishlist set up on my HR10, and I had a good one with the lousy syntax of the HR2x, but I can't get a good one set for my favorite teams.

I can put the team name as a Keyword and Show Type of the specific sport (eg Basketball), but that gets extraneous shows and even rebroadcasts. I've tried Show Types of Event, and Live, but neither of those find anything.

How do I get live games and only live games?

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There has been a long and problematic bug on WishLists, especially for sports. FRO does not work well at all, unless its on a national feed. When running local channels, especially with an AM-21 (including use of two markets), best to stay away from FRO for now. Pick the RAFR option.

My experience is the OTA local channel may show up at first, but then gets lost in the HD DirecTiVo at some time before the broadcast.

For example, for Fox I get ch. 6 (locals via Sat), 6-1 (local OTA) and 47-1 (market number two FOX OTA). Eventually on a scheduled recording, 6-1 all of a sudden gets "lost". It does not show up in TDL nor Recording History. Then, it messes up the recording in its entirety and I get no recording of the program, even though three channels are available for the same recording.

And I would also love it if the AM-21 power light would shut off when I put the HD-DirecTiVo in standby mode.
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