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Won't Record List and Recently Deleted functionality?

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Now that I have an HR2x series device in the primary viewing position (we’ve had an HR20 since 2006 but the Tivo had remained our favored unit), I have a couple feature questions based on 10-250 features we are used frequently. Thanks for your help.

1. How do you review future items that are set NOT to record for whatever reason? On the Tivo you go to history and can review the future history for this. The History here is only the past and I didn't see any other place for this. I checked the To Do list figuring maybe this is integrated into there but I didn't see any shows listed as not recording (unless this is just a fluke due to the Fall season not starting yet and therefore having no conflicts). This is a critical feature for us. My wife made it almost a daily ritual to check this to see if schedule changes had knocked out one of our shows from the first two priorities for a time slot in a given week or to make sure there were no mistakes (due to guide data or box error). I have definitely continued to get occasions where the HR20 misses a show but didn't care because the 10-250 always got it. Without the 10-250 we now care about this function.

2. I know the 10-250 only got this recently, but we are now power users of the recently deleted list. We have a 3-year-old who gets compulsive about suddenly wanting a specific episode of his kids shows and typically they get recorded over by newer episodes (I have a limit so they don’t endlessly junk up the box – many of these record several times every day). My wife has been successfully accessing kids shows from the deleted items almost daily. Is there an equivalent with the HR2x boxes?
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