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Getting regional Fox Sports coverage has given me a new appreciation for how bad some other announcers are for being sickeningly sycophantic juvenile homers.

I was throwing small pillows at the TV while watching the Tribe-Tigers series and screaming at the announcers to shut up they were so rancid. Every comment was "we need to do this" or "we need to do that" or "If this pitcher can get *Tribe batter* to ground into a double play we can get back in this". Why couldn't I just get Ernie Harwell instead of those bums?

I hear a lot of similar complaints about the White Sox sportscasters, will know more once the Indians visit and I get to see it (Though a few min ago against the Orioles the guy was yelling "stay fair! stay fair!" on Konerko's homer), and I've also heard that the Yankees YES woman, Suzyn somebody, is so worthless she makes Yankees fans sick.

Now I know lots of people can't stand the Joe Morgans and other national guys because of boneheadedness, this is focused on homerism and horrible bias.

My Indians announcers I did catch using "we" language at the home opener, but it was when the Mayor of Cleveland was doing an interview in the booth with them. All in all, I like the Indians guys compared to some others, they are fair to opposing players, recognize good plays and inconsistent umps equally, and seem to have done their homework on opposing players. When a Twins guy comes to bat and the guy says "So and so is a bright spot in their future, hitting XXX at triple AAA last year with a very good BB/K ratio for his age and solid numbers against lefties" I consider that good commentating and efforts at non-bias.

Who makes you absolutely want to go on a power chunder when you hear them open their mouth?

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and I've also heard that the Yankees YES woman, Suzyn somebody, is so worthless she makes Yankees fans sick.
She SUCKS. I remember her from MSG (I think) last year, she wasn't on alot but when she was on, it was terrible. Her voice is a high-pitched screech that will give you a headache insantaneously. It was so bad that I would have to shut off the game after a couple of minutes. YES made a bad mistake by picking her up.

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Suzyn Waldman has been on the Yankees telecasts for a few years now. She gets ripped royally in the Yankees newsgroup. She's not that bad. She worked on WNYW and MSG. This year, she works on YES! Haven't seen her on the WCBS feeds yet.

There are worse announcers:

"Hawk/Hawkster/Hawkaroo" Harrelson in Chicago. He's grown on me since the SportsVision days though. He's 1000% percent homer. Always has been since 1988 that I know about and probably always will be. I'll never forget when the Big D passed away in Montreal and the White Sox were in Baltimore to play the Orioles on SportsChannel Chicago. He read the statement on the air that ESPN radio was reporting his death. I'm a fan of the Hawk. He does know baseball and how it's supposed to be played. Definitely not a Sox fan, but he is a okay homer.

His former partner in Wimpy (Tom Paciorek) is next. He works the Braves, Tigers and Royals games now on the various RSN feeds for FOX Sports Net. He roots for the team that he is telecasting for each and every night.

Skip Caray. Jeez, is he bad! Always will hate him. Loved his dad though even though he wasn't his best at the end (I've heard clips from the Cardinals days). Skip is 10,000% homer. The Braves "we" can't be that bad. I hope the Braves lose each and every night. Add Don Sutton (I've met Don in Laguna Niguel on Gallup Circle when he used to live there) to that mix. As much as a homer as Skip on the Braves feeds. Me thinks Don will replace Vinnie someday. Hopefully in 52 more years :)

If you can stand him, add Rick Monday to the list. He does the Dodgers on radio mostly. Used to do Padres games before the Big D passed away. Most definitely a homer! Ross and Vin rule the airwaves out here.

All of the Mariners TV announcers. I know Ron Fairly, but he's not excluded. Add Rick, Dave and Dave and whomever else fills in. I'm beginning to really hate the Mariners not only for their play, but for the announcers on KIRO and FSN NorthWest.

Fran Healy "Mr. I still call them the California Angels". Pure homer for the Mets.

Jerry Coleman on KOGO "the Big One" - AM 600. Homer for the Padres, but been there forever, so that's okay. Makes lots of mistakes on the radio, but that's topic for another day. Reggie Jackson was playing in the home opener. Did you know that? :)
Pure entertainment.

Ted Leittner - counterpart on KOGO Padres broadcasts. Homer city!

There's more, but that's enough for now. Don't forget Lanny "there's no doubt about it even though we lost by 300 runs" Frattiere in Pittsburgh.

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suzyn waldman is a joke, she has been on wfan radio in ny . she was the first voice ever heard on wfan in ny when it was born. she is a phony who is from boston and is a red sox fan that says she is now a yankes fan. no red sox fan becomes a yankee fan
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