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Would you pay $1 more p/month to have a MPEG4 compliant HD DirecTIVO?

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Earl Bonovich said:
But are there enough of you... that are willing to do that.
To offset the cost of R&D on a new box, and the support of that box...
Who cares. it's just a poll and it will NEVER happen.

Is there any doubt in your mind that if 3 years ago D*/Tivo...(which to me is like chocolate & peanut butter....both are okay but together...HMMMM YUMM)

I digressed.

If 3 years ago D*TIVO had worked together to create the MPEG4 HD DVR Integrated unit with all the bells and whistles they have promised, do you think it would have turned out better or worse that the HR20?

It could have been a fantastic marriage...Tivo needs the business,and D*covets the HD/DVR high revenue customers....for whatever reason (which i fault more on D* cause Tivo NEEDS partners, so i doubt they pushed so hard the partnership ended- but thisisn't about blame), it didn't happen.

I like Tivo, i like Directv but I love my DIRECTIVO.

I feel like a kid with divorced parents praying they will get back together...but I know they won't....sob
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