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WOW! Another Xbox Price Cut!!!

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Microsoft is expected to cut the price of the Xbox in the US to $149.99 on September 23 to coincide with the price cut in Europe. IMO, this confirms that M$ is in it for the long haul and is willing to absorb whatever losses they may incur.

XBox price cut, click here

Wonder if this will affect Sony or Nintendo pricing?
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S.O.B! Just 50% off what I paid less than a year ago. Ah well...easy come, easy go.

At least it will boost sales. I don't see Sony or Nintendo cutting their prices another $50, but I would expect some type of cut. Bill is without a doubt in for the long haul. Hell, I bet he would start giving systems away before throwing in the towel. We all know the profit isn't in the system, but the games themselves. If MS can boost the Xbox base = more games sold and more $ for Bill's wallet. Oh yeah...that and another market he has conquered! I think that part is more important to him than the money.
I expect to see $99 GameCubes for Christmas. Afterall, that would be the price the rumors way back when said it would be at release:)Oh, and come an' get yer PS2s for $99 also. Remember, Nintendo and Sony still wouldn't be losing NEARLY as much as MS does on the Xbox. To be honest, the Xbox reminds me of a cross between Bob and the Dreamcast with a little Eminem mixed in:)
My take is that this is Plan C for MS on Xbox.

Plan A: Go head to head with PS2, tout the better hardware and graphics. Didn't work.

Plan B: Discount Xbox to "breakeven"(ie...the $100 savings probably spent on games), encourage "on the fence" buyer. Didn't work.

Plan C: PS/PS2 has too much market share to go head to head with. So pricematch Gamecube and sell "Better hardware/graphics/games" to that crowd.

I don't think it worry time yet Xbox fans, but if MS starts giving away games or "Xbox for free" type gimmicks, watch out.
I think that this price cut signals bad times ahead for the X-Box. I hope I'm wrong. For me the only thing that will make me buy an X-Box if a couple of good RPGs. These are the games that sell a system to me.
I can't find the article anywhere. Was this widely publicized or retracted?
Supposedly its been denied by MS:

I honestly don't think MS is loosing as much money as people think they are...Hardware prices are in the toilet, and the hardware in the XBox isn't as cutting edge as it once was..

But more importantly, MS isn't going to give up the ship that easily. They simply underestimated Sony.

MS just bought Rare, while I don't think this is a big of a coup as some people like to make it out to be, it does show they are serious, and ready to spend money to make money.

Lets not forget, there are a TON of AAA titles in the pipeline for the Xbox, and Microsoft's ace up their sleeve, XBox Live, is just around the corner.
Once the price drops down to 99 i will buy it. Just for the HD alone :)
Just an observation, but while in Walmart last night, I noticed one case (maybe 5' wide by 6' tall) of GameCube titles, and 2 of the same size cases of Xbox titles.

Something strange to be monitoring, I admit, but it used to be 1 case each, with PS2 using 3 cases. I have no idea if this is significant or not, but I would assume Xbox titles are not only proliferating, but also selling well, at least at my local Walmart.

Sure beats the tiny 4' X 3' space one of my K-mart's devote to the Xbox
They could give them away and I wouldn't own one. I refuse to pay $50 a pop for a game.
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