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Wow. Unexpected DirecTV Support

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I just got done putting the kids to bed and the phone rang. It's DirecTV technical support. I have not called them and was not expecting any calls from them.

He tells me that the HR-20 is reporting low signal strength. We're about to get Hannah remnants blowing through and the sky is darkening so I tell him there's a storm. He corrects me and says it's been an ongoing problem for over a month. I've noticed some pixelation but assumed it was shows recording during bad weather or firmware issues. It hasn't been bad enough to get me researching it but I've noticed it.

He says that when the signal strength drops below a certain point the unit contacts DirecTV through my network connection. He walks me through the signal strength tests and confirms the dish probably needs alignment. He sets up an appointment on Sunday at no charge for me.

This may be normal but I've never experienced this. I'm completely shocked they were proactive about this and are taking such good care of me.

I'll be the first to complain when a business has crappy customer service so I ought to give them credit when they do something well too. Good job DirecTV!
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I've read of this happening to someone else recently. Don't remember where.
jdspencer said:
I've read of this happening to someone else recently. Don't remember where.
See these two threads in regards to this:


Yup, it was the second one. :)
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