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I already had this unit hooked up for my wireless laptop that was dropping the connection due to being 70 ft and several walls from the router. The expander was sitting only a few feet from the HR-20 and it has an ethernet connection. I finally decided to try and connect to DoD a few minutes ago. Works great! Saved the $50-$70 for a separate game adapter.

Just a heads-up in case someone is already using a range extender. Additional hardware may not be necessary. Probably old news, I didn't search. :)

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turbobuick86 said:
Yes, if you already have the extender working, it was plug and play for me. Many have had a very difficult time getting the extender/expander working at all.

Good luck!
I want to make this clear in case anyone missed it. If you do not have the extender working prior to this, it is not plug and play. You have to setup the extender just like you would a new notebook on the wireless network. After that, it is plug and play.

The usual warnings about using wireless unless necessary apply. Nothing beats an ethernet cable.
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