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I do believe that the WWFE wont be going back to their plan to do 2 PPVs per month at $34.95/PPV.

The news on the DirecTV and WWFE situation is that right now....they have to go back to the drawing board now and have talks concerning a new contract. The old contract ended after Wrestlemania 18. There is a chance that DirecTV may end up once again without the WWFE PPVs very soon. However, I seriously doubt that will happen. Afterall, there were confirmed reports that mentioned the WWFE did indeed lose money when it didnt authorize DirecTV to carry the PPVs.

One thing about the supposed "branding" of the WWFE shows: Its just a way to get higher ratings for Smackdown (This wont work. Afterall....its going against 'Friends'...and its on UPN too). However, you'll see everybody on both shows since the storylines do not mention anything about "interference" by wrestlers.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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